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The Australasian Golf Museum, located in Bothwell village, tells the story of how golf evolved from a crude game played by a handful of villages on Scotland's east coast, to now being a truly international game, and Australia's most popular participation sport.

Market Place, Bothwell 7030
Tel: 03 6259 4033
Open Daily
11am - 3pm daily
Unless otherwise arranged

The museum illustrates why the early settlers in historic Bothwell became Australia's first golfing community, with the nearby Ratho Golf Links recognised as Australia's oldest golf course, and the township having as many as 5 different golf courses.

The evolution of the game is explained through the different eras, as defined by the changing golf ball; from Feathery (1400s to mid 1800s) to Gutta-percha (1850s to 1900) to Haskell (turn of the century to World War II) and the modern balls.

Many of Tasmania's champion golfers are featured, from Australia's first born champions, the Pearce Brothers, to Lucy Arthur, Len Nettlefold, Elvie Whitesides, the Toogoods and the Goggins.