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The Australasian Golf Museum was instigated by legendary Tasmanian golfer Peter Toogood.

Hailing from a long line of golfing professionals, Peter's own career included winning the Australian Amateur, a Silver Medal as leading Amateur in the British Open, member of Australia's first Eisenhower Cup champion team, countless state and international Amateur titles and the World Record for the youngest golfer to have a hole in one.

Peter has been collecting a range of significant golf memorabilia throughout his acclaimed golfing career. Together with the Bothwell community and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Peter was able to display his collection in Bothwell's historic sandstone school house, and not far from the Ratho Golf Links, Australia's Oldest Golf Course.

The Collection


An amazing collection of golf clubs dating back to the 1800's. See how the development of the club was directly influenced by the changing ball. Try first hand the evolution of the putter through our hands-on display.


Witness the evolution of the game through the changing style and materials used in the golf balls. From Feathery (1400s to mid 1800s) to Gutta-percha (1850s to 1900) to Haskell (turn of the century to World War II) and the modern balls.


Through our extensive collection of photos, paintings and documents, trace the history of golf, from a crude game played by a handful of villages on Scotland's east coast, to the modern game we know today.